What are some of your goals in life outside of football?

Outside of football? That’s tough. I just want to be remembered as a good person. I think the better person I am, then the better respect that I can get all around.
What were your expectations of the NFLPA Bowl entering this week?

I expected it was going to be tough man. I knew we had a back to back schedule, a lot of things going on here. I knew the competition was going to be at a high level and I was going to have to bring it.
Have your expectations been met?

Absolutely. Absolutely. We’ve been doing some good work out here. I’ve been going against a lot of good guys. I’ve enjoyed my experience here thus far.
Why did you choose to play in NFLPA bowl?

This was a game I was invited to that I was real excited for once I received the invitation. I think I remember signing up online, thinking it would be my time to shine.
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