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2015 Starting Secondary

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  • 2015 Starting Secondary

    The 2014 secondary might be the worst HU Secondary that I've seen. I would like to think that some of the poor play was due to youth and coaching turnover. Now that the coaching situation is stable and they are a year older there may be some reason for optimism.
    My 2015 projection:
    LCB - Jabari Thomas, Transfer from Victor Valley CC. Should bring some good experience.
    RCB - Jaston George, Transfer from Syracuse. Bring more good experience
    SS - Chaka Diarrassouba, He played well at times. Has the phycisal tools. Just needs experience.
    FS - Jordan Hil, A little guy, but he is physical. Let too many folks get behind him last year, but laid a couple big hits.

    Third CB, Breon Key, Assuming that he plays this year, he made the most plays in the secondary. Could be a real player if he were to commit full time.

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    Breon Key is playing this year and the transfer from Michigan St, Justin Williams, will help.